Singer Songwriter Project 2015

Track Credits

1. Little Robin by Abby Lyons

Abby Lyons: piano & vocal 
Hannah Dexter: upright bass 
Linea Sablosky: ukulele & vocal 
Yvette Holzwarth: violin & vocal

Dexter Shepherd: Mix engineer

2. Newer Place by Anthony Al-Rifai

Anthony Al-Rifai: piano, vocal 
Katarina Gleicher: vocal 
Elliot Glasser: drums 
Jesse Richardson: guitar 
Daniel Reyes: electric bass

Daniel Reyes: Mix engineer

3. How Happy Once Was by Katerina Gleicher

Katerina Gleicher: vocal 
Joycelyn Raulston*: vocal

Elliot Glasser: Mix engineer


4. Boise Street by Hannah Dexter

Hannah Dexter: electric bass & vocal 
Linea Sablosky: cajon & vocal 
Drew Corey: piano & vocal

Elliot Glasser: Mix engineer

5. The Habit Is Who I Am by Kathryn Shuman

Kathryn Shuman: vocal 
Caleb Veazey: acoustic & electric guitar 
Keelan Dimick: piano
Zephyr Avalon: electric bass 
Sean Fitzpatrick: drum set 
Jacques Pradel: congas

Ed Park: Mix engineer

6. Bi Coastal by Dylan Freeman

Dylan Freeman: electric guitar & vocal 
Colin Knoedelseder: electric guitar 
Thomas Berg: electric bass 
Evan Jiroudek*: drum set

Devin Ronneberg: Mix engineer


7. No Skin by Naomi Greene

Naomi Greene: harp & vocals 
Tim Horner: synth 
Ben Finley: upright bass 
Nick Hon: drum set

Zach Crumrine: Mix engineer

8. Intimate Eyes by Yvette Holzwarth

Yvette Holzwarth: piano & vocal 
Melissa Hulett: flute 
Ben Finley: upright bass

Zach Crumrine: Mix engineer

Album Credits

Produced by Marc Lowenstein and Alan Eder

Chief Audio Engineer: John Baffa