Most of the School of Music's ensembles are active every year. Additional ad hoc ensembles are frequently convened by students and faculty.

African Music & Dance Ensembles

Instruction in the performance of authentic traditional music and dance of West Africa. These include singing in the language and playing percussion instruments indigenous to the area of origin.

Balinese Gamelan

Instruction in the techniques of playing Balinese instruments, collectively called the Semar Pelgulingan.

Baltic Ensemble

Study and performance of Baltic folk music, including recitation songs, antiphonal singing, and part songs.

Brass Ensemble

Ensemble studies for brass, from quintets to dectets or more.

CalArts Salsa Band

Latin jazz ensemble.

Chamber Ensembles

A variety of project-driven chamber ensembles are formed each semester, with faculty members and students often playing side-by-side in these groups.

Collaborative Student Ensembles

Development, rehearsal and recording of experimental pop music. 

Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Study and performance of literature from the 20th and 21st Centuries for small groups of singers. Studies of compositions by CalArts students and faculty are included.

Creative Electronic Ensemble

Interactive languages and the improvisational forms of live electronic music.

Dahomey Women's Ensemble

Ensemble performing traditional drum repertoire from Ghana.

The Ensemble

Varying in size, this conducted ensemble performs major works from all eras, with an emphasis on recently-composed music.

Gender Wayang Ensemble

Small ensemble performances by quartet of metallophones as accompaniment to Balinese shadow plays.

Gong Suling: Balinese Flute Ensemble

Studies of Balinese flute ensemble music, with sixteen bamboo flutes of varied sizes and percussion instruments.

Grids, Beats & Groups

Musicians networked to share a common temporal context and explore live electronic performance of rhythmically complex music.

Improvisation Ensembles

A coached ensemble exploring free and structured improvisational forms.

Japan Ensemble

Featuring sections for strings (koto/shamisen), shakuhachi, and/or taiko (drums).

Jazz Faculty Ensembles

Small jazz groups under the direction of Jazz faculty perform regularly on concerts at the Institute.

Jazz Student Ensembles

Works for small jazz groups performed by all-student ensembles.

Kecak: Balinese Monkey Chant Ensemble

Balinese Monkey Chant ensemble.

Multi-Focus Ensemble

Cross-disciplinary ensembles in which students from various programs within The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts may combine for special projects.

North Indian Music Ensemble

Vocal and instrumental performance studies using both Indian and European instruments.

Percussion Ensemble

Ensemble studies for percussionists, in groups of various sizes.

Period Instrument Ensemble

An ensemble dedicated to historically-informed performance practice on Baroque instruments.

Persia Electric Ensemble

An ensemble exploring the intersection of ancient and new forms.

Sonic Boom

An ensemble/band between avant-garde rock, noise, ambient, new music and other things that fall between the cracks. Explores the hidden tradition of experimental rock music.

Tabla Ensemble

The CalArts Tabla Ensemble is a performing ensemble that draws from the vast repertoire of North Indian tabla, ranging from classical to folk and traditional to contemporary.

Talking Drum Ensemble

Music of the Dagomba people of Northern Ghana.

Vinny Golia Large Ensemble

Large ensemble performing compositions and structured improvisations.

Woodwind Ensemble

A performance ensemble dedicated to studies of works for woodwinds. Audition preparation and woodwind fundamentals are also covered.

World Percussion Ensemble

An experimental performance group that works toward combining instruments and musical structures from various cultures, integrating improvisation, composition and performance practice.