Singer Songwriter Project 2013

Track Credits

1. It Ain’t That Easy by Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Marcus Buser: acoustic bass
John German: piano
Sam Kaufman- Skloff: drum set
The CalArts Men’s Glee Club: sonic pillow

Theo Karon: mix engineer

2. I’ll Be In the Ring by Jade Jackson

Jade Jackson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Thea Mesirow: cello(s)

Sean Fitzpatrick: mix engineer

3. In the Loam by Bobby Halvorson

Bobby Halvorson: electric guitar, drum set, Lead vocal, background vocal
Laura Anderson: background vocal

Pascal Stevenson: mix engineer

4. Please Stay by Lisa Remar

Lisa Remar: vocal
Jesse Richardson: piano
Thea Mesirow: cello(s)
Lizzie Edwards: violin
Sam Kaufman- Skloff: cymbal

Mario Luna: mix engineer

5. Where I Would Hide by Hil Jaeger

Hil Jaeger: vocals, electronics
Andrea Young: vocal
Blake Baldwin: electric guitar
Erin Poulin: french horn
Suzanne Kite: violin
Yu-Ting Wu: violin
Michael Day: drum set

Brian Foreman & Hil Jaeger: mix engineers

6. From the Ground by Noah Gibbings, Austin Antoine & Amir Oosman

Noah Gibbings: vocal
Austin Antoine: vocal
Amir Oosman: piano, drum set
Devon Taylor: electric bass
Jackie Owens: vocal

Amir Oosman: mix engineer

7. Yellow Lights by Arielle Deem

Arielle Deem: vocal, guitar
Elisa Rosin: backing vocal
Olivia Dessy: backing vocal
Travis Meador: piano, backing vocal
Cooper Wolken: drum set
Marcus Buser: electric bass, backing vocal
Jessica Waithe: trumpet

Sean Fitzpatrick: mix engineer

8. Liver är, En Evighetskarusell by Philip Wareborn

Philip Wareborn: piano, vocal
Graham Peck: acoustic guitar
Sean Okada; acoustic guitar
Ava Fay Burtch: violin
Evan Kim: violin
Stephanie Morehouse: violin
Thea Mesirow: cello
Jessica Waithe: trumpet
Sam Kaufman- Skloff: timpani, cymbal

Zach Crumrine: mix engineer

9. Wake Up by Dawn Drake

Dawn Drake: electric bass, lead vocals, background vocals, lunga (hour-glass shaped pressure drum), congas, shaker, clave
Michael Skloff: keyboard
Amir Oosman: drum set, percussion co-arranger
Jonathan Freilich: electric guitar
Bram Glik: tenor sax
Kevin Taylor: trombone
Jessica Waithe: trumpet
Brian Foreman: gun gon (large African drum with snare)
Misra Iltus : gun gon (large African drum with snare)
Tony Gennaro: lead lunga (hour-glass shaped pressure drum)
Sara Gomez: background vocals
Ian Walker : background vocals

Mario Luna & Amir Oosman: mix engineers