Faculty member I Nyoman Wenten in the Gamelan Room
Faculty member I Nyoman Wenten in the Gamelan Room
Working with a full instrument collection, The MFA Balinese and Javanese Music and Dance Specialization provides a comprehensive exploration of the music and dance of Bali and Java.

Players learn in a small group environment, working closely with the world-renowned faculty. In both Javanese and Balinese areas, repertoire encompasses an extensive range of traditional and contemporary works. Coursework allows students to become accomplished performers and also features classes in theory, transcription and analysis.

In addition to the traditional components of the curriculum, students gain a cultural awareness and understanding of the various roles gamelan music plays in Indonesian life, including the long history and development of gamelan music, dance and theory. Also explored are the global integrations and creations taking gamelan musical elements forward in the 21st century and how they play a significant role in aligning tradition with innovation.


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