Saurabh Suri

Saurabh Suri

Saurabh Suri serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of CerraCap Ventures.

With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry; most recently he served as Vice President for Emerging Solutions and Investment at UST Global where he conceived & led UST's global tech investments and helped monetize the portfolio through UST’s large client base. This approach produced significant returns within 5 years of operation owing to a unique value based business model. Saurabh has also helped large Fortune 500 organizations establish and run highly successful innovation units by creating an ecosystem that fosters turning ideas into value. 

Saurabh has significant experience in creating, growing and sustaining technology 
products and solutions in a global operations environment; having lived and worked in 4 continents. Prior to joining UST, he worked in the UK with various IT and Financial institutions and also ran a consultancy startup. He has several published articles and white papers on Big Data and Advanced analytics and its applications in the enterprise space. He is also a sought-after speaker on innovation and AI. 

Saurabh has a degree in Neuro-computation and a research background in High-Performance Computing from the UK. Saurabh has helped mentor and grow several successful tech startups and currently serves as an advisor, observer and board member of several high growth technology companies such as Abzooba, Third Eye, 1-Page, Deep Instinct, Fortscale etc. He is also on the advisory board of a few early-stage Venture Capital firms.