Saurabh Suri
Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design (MTIID)

Saurabh Suri serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of CerraCap Ventures.  With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry; most recently he served as Vice President for Emerging Solutions and Investment at UST Global where he conceived & led... Continue reading »

Miroslav Tadic
InstrumentalArts: Guitar

Miroslav Tadic has been named by the editors of Guitar Player Magazine as one of the 30 most radical and individual guitarists in the world. In recent years, he has concentrated on developing an approach to improvisation which combines and juxtaposes musical material drawn from many diverse... Continue reading »

Tali Tadmor
VoiceArts: Vocal Coach and Accompanist

Tali Tadmor began her musical career at the age of six, when she enrolled in Tel Aviv’s Israeli Conservatory for Music. Currently, Tali is pursuing a Doctorate in Music at the University of Southern California (USC); she is majoring in Keyboard Collaborative Arts (KCA) and working as a... Continue reading »

Emi Tamura
Core Curriculum

Emi Tamura received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Piano Performance from San Francisco State University under the tutelage of Roger Woodward, and studied chamber music with the Alexander String Quartet. She studied solo and collaborative contemporary piano performance with Vicki... Continue reading »

Karen Tanaka
Composition and Experimental Sound Practices

Karen Tanaka is an exceptionally versatile composer and pianist. She has composed extensively for both instrumental and electronic media. "Her music is delicate and emotive, beautifully crafted, showing a refined ear for both detail and large organic shapes...", The New Grove Dictionary of Music... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty