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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts


Julia Holter (MFA Composition 2008), "In the Green Wild" (Official Video)

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Some CalArts Music Alumni

John Luther Adams
(BFA 73)
Gustavo Aguilar
(MFA 98)
Ralph Alessi
(BFA 87, MFA 90)
jazz trumpeter
Timur Bekbosunov
(MFA 08) Voice
James Carney 
(BFA 90)
jazz pianist, composer 
Gary Chang
(MFA 77)
film composer 
Johnny Chang 
(MFA 06) Composition,
(MFA 03) Violin
violinist, composer
Rebecca Bower Cherian
(BFA 79) 
Kate Conklin
(MFA 02) Voice, (BFA 00) Voice 
Ravi Coltrane
(90) General Music
saxophonist, composer, bandleader
Mark Coniglio
(BFA 89)
composer, multimedia artist 
Phil Curtis
(MFA 97)
John Debney
(BFA 78)
film composer 
Pilar Díaz
(BFA 00) Voice  
Dean Drummond
(MFA 73)
composer, conductor, instrument inventor
Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick
(BFA 78) Cello, (MFA 82) Cello
Nina Sun Eidsheim
(MFA 01) Voice
mezzo-soprano, musicologist 
Amy Knoles
(BFA 87) 
percussionist, composer 
» member of The California E.A.R. Unit
Benjamin Juarez Echenique
(BFA 73)
Peter Epstein
(BFA 93) 
saxophonist, composer, educator 
Pedro Eustache
(MFA 91)
flutist, composer 
Andrew McIntosh
(see below) 
Andrew Tholl
(MFA 08) Performer/Composer, (DMA in progress) Performer/Composer 
Ashley Walters
(MFA 07) Cello
 » members of Formalist Quartet  
Peter Garland
(BFA 72)
composer, author 
Randy Gloss
(MFA 97) 
Andrew Grueschow
(BFA 96, MFA 99) 
Austin Wrinkle
(BFA 97, MFA 99) 
» members of the Hands On'Semble 
Noah Harmon
(BFA '05) Jazz Bass 
» member of The Airborne Toxic Event
Julia Holter
(MFA 08) Composition
vocalist, composer
David Johnson
(BFA 72) 
Pirayeh Pourafar
(MFA 00)
tar player, composer 
Roland Kato
(BFA 74, MFA 76) 
Tany Ling
(MFA 02) Voice
Brian Walsh
(MFA 08) Clarinet, (BFA 06) Clarinet 
» members of Industrial Jazz Group 
Tom Lopez
(MFA 93) 
composer, digital artist
Ani Maldjian
(BFA 04) 
Arturo Marquez
(MFA 90)
Ingram Marshall
(MFA 71) 
Devin Maxwell 
(MFA 02) Performer/Composer 
percussionist, performer 
Andrew McIntosh 
(MFA 08) Performer/Composer 
violinist, violist, composer
Ken Munday 
(CFA 74) 
principal bassoonist with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra 
Katie Porter
(MFA 02) 
wireless media content developer  
» founder of LoudLouderLoudest 
Peter Otto
(MFA 83) 
music technologist, educator 
Randall Packer
(MFA 81) 
composer, media artist, author  
Paula Rasmussen
(BFA 87) 
Dougles Repetto composer, media and installation artist 
Marina Rosenfeld
(MFA 94) Music/Art  
composer, sound and installation artist 
Stephen Schultz
(MFA 80) 
Marcus Shelby
(BFA 93)
composer, bandleader 
Todd Sickafoose
(MFA '98) Performer/Composer 
bassist, composer 
Rand Steiger
(MFA 82) 
composer, conductor, educator 
Carl Stone
(BFA 75) 
composer, computer music artist  
Robin Sukhadia 
(MFA 07) North Indian Music 
tabla player 
Nick Terry 
(MFA 04) Multi-Focus Percussion 
Kubilay Uner
(ACRT 91) 
film composer, multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder 
Libby Van Cleve
(MFA 84)
oboist, author 
Jack Vees
(MFA 86) 
bassist, composer, educator 
Lois V Vierk
(MFA 78) 
Nedra Wheeler
(BFA 87, MFA 89) 
bassist, educator 
Todd Winkler
(MFA 84)
composer, multimedia artist 
Philip Yampolsky
(MFA 72) 
Marcelo Zarvos 
(BFA 92) 
pianist, composer

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