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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts


Degree Programs: BFA, MFA
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The VoiceArts program at CalArts is one of the first of its kind. While many institutions offer curricula where outcomes are expected to reflect predetermined and conventional aesthetics, the VoiceArts program guides students towards identifying their own voice, sound, ideals and performance practice

'What to Wear' (excerpt). An opera by Richard Foreman and Michael Gordon.

The VoiceArts Program is designed for creative artists whose primary means of expression is the voice—for those who wish to develop both their unique artistic voice and their vocal mechanism. It facilitates the evolution of artists who seek to be distinctive and expressive makers of original art, as well as those who wish to explore already existing vocal music. The program assists all students in gaining the tools, techniques and creative ideas with which to develop and contextualize their work, regardless of direction.

Throughout the program, vocal work focuses on the development of a “post-classical” vocal technique—a technique that has its roots in and grows out of Western classical technique, but that incorporates a more extensive skill and style palette. All technical works emphasizes healthy production, vocal control, stylistic adaptability and vocal experimentation. Along with building solid vocal and musical skills, the program allows each student to develop his/her unique artistic persona through a personalized curriculum designed in consultation with a mentor.

'Dice Thrown,' an opera by John King

Students are expected to explore new ideas and arenas, to develop critical perspectives that lead to creative performance of new or existing works, and to reflect on contemporary and historical traditions and perspectives from around the globe. Self-generated projects and performances, as well as collaborative work play an important role in each student’s program. VoiceArts students receive continuous guidance as they develop and refine their career trajectories and goals, and work to create a career from the new landscape of established and emerging pathways.

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