Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Visiting Artists

Spring 2022

Shelby Banks

Shelby Banks is an American soprano from New York who has performed extensively throughout the United States and abroad in operas, concerts and recitals. She is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a business and creative consultant to individuals and organizations. With more than twenty years of small business expertise in infrastructure, credit solutions, strategic planning and development, Shelby has worked for such companies as Chase, PNC Bank, Dow Jones and Bank of NY, and helps to secure over five million dollars annually in lending, sponsorships and grants for individual artists and business owners. Shelby is an Adjunct Professor with the City of New York and the host of “The Business Savvy Artist Series”. Her most recently launched business is Campbell & Carr LLC, an online cultural apothecary that offers handcrafted teas and specialty items from around the world. Originating from inspiration and love of family and cultural preservation, Campbell and Carr presents genealogical and historical workshops, wellness discussions, music and lectures that positively highlights the experiences of those throughout the African Diaspora. She is Iyanifa Olatutu Iwalewa, an initiate of the sacred African tradition of Ifa which she received in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria from her spiritual mentors, Chief Ayanda Ifadara Clarke and Agbonbon Fakayode Faniyi. Her favorite role is mom to her fifteen-year-old filmmaker who keeps life fun, honest and filled with love.

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