Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Visiting Artists

Spring 2022

Jeff Beal

A five-time EMMY winner, Jeff Beal’s improvisatory method, sense of timing and sophistication have made him a favorite of directors including Ed Harris (POLLOCK and APPALOOSA), David Fincher (HOUSE OF CARDS), Oliver Stone (JFK REVISITED, THE PUTIN INTERVIEWS), and Lauren Greenfeld (THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, GENERATION WEALTH).  Documentarians also appreciate this flexibility, and he has scored many, including BLACKFISH, THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING,  WEINER,  Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL, THE BLEEDING EDGE, and BOSTON.  His dramatic scoring credits include HBO’s ROME, CARNIVÀLE, THE NEWSROOM, USA’s MONK and Netflix HOUSE OF CARDS.

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