Thomas Leeb

Thomas Leeb
Thomas Leeb, BFA CalArts 2003

Thomas Leeb played his first solo concert at the age of fifteen and released his first
acoustic guitar album at seventeen. Leeb is a frequent performer at concerts and festivals
in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa and has been featured in guitar magazines all
over the world. Every year, he teaches workshops and master classes in universities and
colleges and his album “Desert Pirate” was voted one of the essential albums of the last
twenty years by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

His peculiar guitar style owes as much to percussive techniques as traditional fingerstyle
guitar. What sets Thomas Leeb apart from some of his contemporaries is his ability to
make pyrotechnics serve the music. Three years studying West African traditional music
give him a sense of timing and groove that is unusual in a guitarist. All this has earned
him a loyal world-wide following and influential fans such as Eric Roche who was his
guitar teacher, “for about five minutes and then I heard him play”, Jon Gomm awarded
him “ten out of ten Gomms”, Guthrie Govan who thinks that “what Thomas does on an
acoustic guitar probably shouldn’t be legal.”

“Jolly good.” - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)