Michael Matsuno
Faculty, School of Music

Michael Kento Matsuno is a flutist whose work traverses the classical canon, contemporary music, improvisation, music psychology, and 20th-century history. He can be heard performing throughout Southern California and holds positions as lecturer at Chapman University and flute studio instructor... Continue reading »

Andrew McIntosh
Faculty, School of Music
InstrumentalArts: Viola/Violin

LA-based composer/violinist/violist/baroque violinist Andrew McIntosh has a unique and multifaceted career spanning solo, chamber, and early music engagements across the US and in Europe. His compositions have been described as “a shining example of the... Continue reading »

Christine Meinders
Faculty, School of Music

Christine Meinders is an emerging technologies designer who uses collaborative design approaches to create AI design tools and develop community-driven, social AI projects, from a cultural perspective.

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Daniel Newman-Lessler
Faculty, School of Music
DMA Lecturer, Performer-Composer
661 253 7816

Noted by the LA Times for his “luxuriant theatricality”, Daniel is a composer, pianist, installationist, conductor, singer, and educator.  Daniel is pursuing a DMA at California Institute of the Arts, where he directs the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and studies composition with... Continue reading »

Paul Novros
Faculty, School of Music
Jazz: Saxophone

Paul Novros has been active in all areas of jazz - performing, arranging, composing and teaching. As a composer he has written music for a variety of projects including more than a dozen films, five of which were nominated for documentary Academy Awards. He is currently completing a text on... Continue reading »

Phil O'Connor
Faculty, School of Music
InstrumentalArts: Clarinet

Phil O'Connor, has enjoyed a successful career performing in a wide array of musical environments. As a recording musician, his work is heard throughout all forms of major media. He has an extensive and eclectic place among his peers involved in the recorded arts. Phil has performed more... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty