Luisa Pinzon

Luisa Pinzon

Luisa Pinzon is a Colombian musician and sound engineer with a passion for creative coding and digital art. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Musical Studies with an emphasis in Sound Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2017), where her undergraduate thesis, “Synthophonics”, received an honorable mention, and an MFA in Music Technology and Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts (2023).

Luisa has extensive experience in the audio industry, with a background that includes audio postproduction for TV, recording, and engineering for studio projects and live shows. Her credits include working on recognized TV productions like Shark Tank Mexico Season 3 and various reality shows for Discovery Channel.

From 2018 to 2019, Luisa was part of the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity programs, where she worked alongside renowned sound engineers and producers like Richard King, Mark Willsher, and Howard Bilerman. She contributed to projects such as the Banff Centre Film Festival, album recordings, and soundtrack mixing for the CBC series Equus Story of the Horse.

Since 2020, Luisa has been exploring creative coding using programming software like p5Js, ChucK, MaxMSP, and Touch Designer. Her artistic interests lie in the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the human mind's connection with other species. Her desertion project, "Do you know you are not a human?", delves into interspecies relationships through digital art and technology.