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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

Instruments and Other Resources

African Music Room

Gamelan Room

Machine Lab


CalArts maintains a sizable collection that features 50 pianos, two harpsichords, an organ and a celesta; two harps; various string, woodwind, brass and early European instruments; numerous orchestral and non-traditional percussion instruments; Balinese and Javanese gamelans; African drum ensembles; and sarods, sitars, tablas and other Indian instruments.

Practice Rooms

The Herb Alpert School of Music has more than 25 practice rooms, many with pianos, including designated rooms for piano and percussion majors. All rooms are available 24 hours a day during the academic year.

Library Resources

The CalArts Division of Library and Information Resources offers individual attention from professional librarians in the areas of research assistance and instruction, and features collections that support the curricula of The Herb Alpert School of Music. The ever-expanding music collection currently holds more than 44,000 performance scores, 20,000 scores, 6,500 CDs and 12,000 other recordings along with music books and periodicals. This collection emphasizes 20th- and 21st-century materials and includes, among other items, the complete published scores of John Cage and the full James Tenney Collection. The Library also provides music listening stations, student computer labs and workstations with Internet access.

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