Una Isu (Miguel Villegas Ventura)

Una Isu (Miguel Villegas Ventura)

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CalArts Campus

B312 - VoiceArts Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist Series

Music: Miguel Villegas Ventura was born in San Miguel Cuevas- Nuu Yuku, located in the Mixteca Baja of Oaxaca, Mexico. Nuu Yuku is a Mixtec community with strong migration to the United States. He arrived in California when he was seven years-old with his mother and three older siblings. Miguel was introduced to Chicano Rap music, a genre that Mexican-Americans in California developed to speak out about their struggles. He also began writing small verses drawing from his own experiences. Gradually his exposure to different styles, contents and rappers grew. In 2010 Miguel, joined Autonomos, a Oaxacan youth group He wrote a trilingual song- Mixteco, Spanish, and English, about reclaiming identity, language and culture. His music and work demonstrates his commitment to his Mixteco community. Aside from writing music, he also practices traditional dances from Nuu Yuku- La Danza de los Diablitos and Danza de Los Chareos. His artistic name is Una Isu which means Eight Deer in Mixtec; a tribute to the legendary Mixtec leader Eight Deer Jaguar Claw. Miguel has performed in different cities such as Los Angeles, Oxnard, Santa Cruz, Oakland, New York, Mexico City and of course his hometown Fresno, California.  Through his work, volunteer work, and music he continues to influence the community in a positive way.