Nicholas Semrad

Nicholas Semrad

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CalArts Campus

B302, ROD - MAP/ExPop Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Nicholas Semrad is going to give a talk broadly based on touring. He’ll touch on topics such as "how to get a touring gig", "how to KEEP a touring gig", things you can do to maximize your presence even if you're not in a scene while touring, and what to prepare for once you land a touring gig.

Mr. Semrad is a keyboardist/producer based out of Los Angeles. He currently tours with Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles, Mark Giuliana's Beat Music, Donny McCaslin, and Knower, and has previously toured with Ms. Lauryn Hill, Bootsy Collins, Liv Warfield (of Prince's New Power Generation), Australian pop star Meg Mac and Terrace Martin. He also takes part in a beta-testing and a patch design role for both Yamaha and Dave Smith Instruments and has previously released 2 well-received patch sets for Nord Keyboards. Nicholas teaches and gives master classes both while touring and while at home and has taken more than 100 private students in the past year. He recently released a "beat-tape" entitled Ratio in a collaborative effort with young San Antonio production duo, Expansions of Q that is available on all major platforms.