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CalArts Campus

B214, Machine Lab

School of Music Visiting Artist

Mileece is a pioneer in specialized generative music, gestural interfaces, and plant biofeedback. She has toured an array of museums, festivals, and venues (e.g. MoMA, NYC, BHIF Festival, Bhutan, Kew Gardens, London) with her hand-coded ‘aesthetic sonification’ system, interactive sculptures, hand-crafted instruments, live and composed music, and field recordings as immersive installations and performances. Her message of promoting ecology through technology and the arts has reached millions of people through prime-time features, campaigns, documentaries and presentations. As a composer and recording artist, her debut work ‘Formations’ was internationally critically acclaimed, heralded by the BBC as an “outstanding release, real musical science." Mileece is Creative and Technical Director to her collaborative zero-impact energy, network-based urban wilderness sanctuaries project, aimed to help balance our modern lives with the needs and benefits of our biosphere.