Massimo Cusato

Massimo Cusato

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CalArts Campus

B200 - World Music Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Massimo Cusato will show the versatility of sound that the tamburello is able to produce combined with a drum set. The result of this fusion was brought to life by two important related popular music realities. One being the rhythm of Calabrian Tarantella played by the tamburello and the other being the rhythm of the San Rocco drum section played by bass and snare drums plus hi-hat.

Cusato pioneered the use of the tamburello in combination with drum set. He has developed an unique style using his multi-hybrid drumset  and combining it with other percussion instruments. His sound has become reference point for many percussionists in the Italian/Ethnic folk music genre. Massimo is Remo artist since 2015, and he designed and launched the Tamburello Calabriaand a hybrid instrument the Pandurello.