School of Music Visiting Artist Series: Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lueneburg

School of Music Visiting Artist Series: Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lueneburg

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CalArts Campus

B318 - Grad Comp Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Presentation of two projects in the field of artistic research: "Transcoding" and "GAPPP."

"Transcoding - from 'highbrow art' to participatory culture" was a participatory arts project run by an international team of artists and researchers from 1.2.2014 to 30.9.2018 under the direction of Barbara Lüneburg as project leader, principal artist, and principal investigator. In TransCoding, the team engaged with an online community in the framework of participatory culture, using social media in the context of artistic practice to involve said community in the making of several multimedia artworks.  

"GAPPP" has been running at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and is run by Marko Ciciliani. The focus of this project is the investigation of the artistic potential of elements from computer games in the context of experimental audiovisual composition. The project applies a triangular research design, giving equal weight to the perspectives of composers, performers and audience members. Since the beginning of this project a total of 14 new works have been created.

Marko Ciciliani is a composer, audiovisual artist, performer and researcher based in Austria. The focus of his work lies in the composition of performative electronic music, mostly in audiovisual contexts. Interactive video, light design and laser graphics often play an integral part in his compositions. 

Barbara Lüneburg is a performing artist of international reputation in the fields of contemporary music, violin, viola, electric violin and multimedia. Numerous compositions have been written for and in collaboration with her. She has made appearances at international festivals and concert series across Europe, the USA, Asia and New Zealand. Critics have described her playing as 'breathtaking’, ‘a musical cosmos’, ‘viciously virtuosic’, ‘passionate’, ‘translucent’, ‘audacious’, ‘expressive and gripping.'