Juanjosé Rivas

Juanjosé Rivas

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CalArts Campus

School of Music Visiting Artist

Saturday, Jan. 19 1-3:00pm Wild Beast

Sunday, Jan. 20 1-3:00pm Wild Beast

Tuesday, Jan. 22 7-9pm Wild Beast

Juanjosé Rivas will be presenting a Winter Session workshop along with Carmina Escobar on circuit bending toys, voice recorders, and instrument building that is aimed to explore identity, syncretism, creativity, and the interpretive capacities of voice embodiment. This space is directed to construct customized artifacts of aleatory sounds. It contains the participants recorded voices to generate new works in the realms of sound art, improvised music, and installation using concepts of philosophy of Voice and Media as a conceptual frame of reference.

Visual/sound artist specializing in electronic media, Juanjosé Rivas* employs myriad techniques to give voice to the translation, error, obstruction, and interference inside artistic languages. Attempts to define the impossible, reveal the hidden, articulate the unspeakable, and evidence the truth as an instituted lie are some of the conceptual approaches used in his work.

Circuit bending, glitch, sampling, white noise, hardware hacking, and sound waste which are handled with a methodology of his own; without taking away from the improvisation as a main source, he resorts to the action in order to create sound. Soundscapes overflowing with a dense mass of maniacs, shiny, gaudy, depressive and euphoric sounds; Bucolic, abysmal and mined roads spaces, landscapes create an ominous sound universe that recalls the failure of the future.

Juanjosé currently is Artistic Director of VOLTA, a series of international concerts of sound art and experimental music in Mexico City and member of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA.