Christopher Garcia

Christopher Garcia

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CalArts Campus

A300 - World Music Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist Series

Music: Christopher Garcia’s background includes performances in a wide variety of musical settings including; Jazz, Rock, World Music, avant garde, symphonic music, chamber music, indigenous and traditional music of Mexico Zappa music, percussion ensemble, soundtracks, and cartoon music. He attributes his musical growth to his studies with Pandit Taranath Rao, Leonice Shinemann, John Bergamo, and Swapan Chaudhuri where he studied tabla, while attending California Institute of the Arts. He continues to be in demand with a career making music as a performer/composer with drumset, ​marimba, percussion instruments of North and South India along with indigenous percussion instruments of various regions in Mexico employing extended techniques using fingers, hands and stickings in a variety of jazz, rock and world music settings.