Chris Kallmyer

Chris Kallmyer

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CalArts Campus

B214, Machine Lab - Creative Tech Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Chris Kallmyer is a sound artist and performer living in Los Angeles. His work explores a participatory approach to making music through touch, taste, and process using everyday objects that point to who we are and where we live. His work is best characterized by its relationship to site and architecture, inviting the listener to experience sound in situ. 

Kallmyer completed his MFA in 2009 at California Institute of the Arts while studying with Wadada Leo Smith, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Aashish Khan, and Sara Roberts. Since then, Kallmyer has worked closely with the art collective Machine Project (LA) creating over 100 projects since 2009 at institutions across the United States. As a performer, Chris plays with the modern-music-collective wild Up, who the New York Times called “…a raucous, grungy, irresistibly exuberant…fun-loving, exceptionally virtuosic family.”