Art Lande

Art Lande

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CalArts Campus

B302, Roy O. Disney Music Hall and B320

School of Music Visiting Artist Series

Music: Art Lande will be here to do an Improv workshop the first week of Wintersession that will end with a performance in ROD. 


Grammy-nominated Lande is considered one of the premiere improvisational jazz pianists today. He began piano at age 4, studied at Williams College & moved to San Francisco in 1969. He has mostly carved out his own singular path throughout his career, taking the innovations of Bill Evans several steps further. In 1973 he recorded with Jan Garbarek and Ted Curson and in the mid-1970's had started his own jazz school. In 1976 he formed the quartet Rubisa Patrol which recorded for ECM and lasted until 1983. After teaching for three years in Switzerland, Lande in 1987 moved to Boulder, Colorado. He appears in many of the "Who's Who in Jazz" encyclopedias available today for his role in the development of "Chamber Jazz."