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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts


Name, Title Area
Faculty, African Music and Dance
Nicholas England Chair in Music
Performance: Guitar
Faculty, Voice Arts
Co-Coordinator, VoiceArts Program
Mel Powell Chair in Music
Faculty, Javanese Music & Dance
Coordinator: Brass Program
Technical Director, Computer Music/Experimental Media Studios
Chair: World Music Performance Programs
Senior Advisor for Creativity Transfer
Lecturer, Music Cultures
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Performance: Cello
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Lecturer, VoiceArts
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management; Director, Instrumental Performance Programs
Faculty, Composition
Performance, VoiceArts, Soprano
Performance: Guitar & Lute
Jazz Studies: Trumpet
Performance: Violin
Performance, World Percussion
Faculty, Composition, Improvisation, Winds
Performance: French Horn
Performance, African Music & Dance
Performance: Contrabass
Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design (MTIID)
Lecturer, Skills
Jazz Studies: Trombone
Coordinator, Percussion Program
Jazz Studies: Electric Bass
Associate Dean for Research and Development in Digital Arts, Office of the President
North Indian Music
Performance: Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Larry Levine Chair in Contemporary Music; Jazz Studies: Guitar
Michel Colombier Performer-Composer Chair; Co-Chair, Composition Program; Composition & Experimental Sound Practices
Jazz Studies: Drumset
Roy E. Disney Family Chair in Musical Composition
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Accompanist, Dance
Lecturer, Skills, Theory, & Music History and Literature
Performance: Harpsichord, Piano & Organ
Faculty, Music Technology
Hal Blaine Chair in Musical Performance
Performance, Balinese Music & Dance
Performance: Trombone
Jazz Studies: Saxophone
Jazz Studies: Bass
Lecturer, Music History & Literature
Composition and Experimental Sound Practices
Performance: Persian Percussion
Performance: Clarinet
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Coordinator, Piano/Keyboard & Collaborative Keyboard Programs
Experimental Sound Practices, Composition, Integrated Media, History and Literature
Chair, Jazz Program
Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music
Performance, Flute
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Performance: Guitar
Performance: Vocal Coach & Accompanist
Lecturer, Skills
Performance: Euphonium & Tuba
Composition & Experimental Sound Practices
Performance: Piano
Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design (MTIID)
Performance, Oboe
Music History & Literature, Skills
Faculty, Music Technology
Performance: Javanese Music & Dance
Associate Dean for Academic and Special Projects
Performance: Balinese Music & Dance
Performance: Balinese Music & Dance
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