Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Visiting Artists

Ute Wasserman

Ute Wassermann  has studied visual arts (sound installation, performance art) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, and singing at the University of California, San Diego. She tours the world as an improviser, she realises audiovisual voice performances / installations and compositions for soloists and ensembles. At the core of her research is an ongoing and uncompromised exploration of her voice.  Ute Wassermann´s otherworldly singing transcends the human voice. She sings multidimensional sculptural sounds oscillating between electronic, animalistic, inorganic and human qualities. Sound environments are an important source for her imagination. Ute creates imaginary acoustic habitats in which her chameleon like voice is tuning in with composed or found soundscapes. Her methods to extend and alienate the voice include the use of bird whistles, lo-fi electronics, resonators, fieldrecordings and different types of microphones. Her performances engage with everyday objects or self invented instruments for voice which can take shape as acoustic costumes.

Over the years she has developed an ever-growing catalogue of multifaceted vocal expressions which has inspired improvisors and composers all over the world. Her workshops which are often described by the participants as a liberating experience involve improvisation or composition from solo to choir.

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