MFA Program in Music
The MFA Program in Music is designed to enable students to acquire the multiple skillsets that will empower them to stake out their own unique career pathways to success. 

The program of study is designed to be a stimulating and challenging, collaborative learning environment, in which music and sound artists can refine and perfect their already distinctive voices to reach the highest levels of professional practice, while simultaneously exploring new and inspiring, creative territories. Upon entering the program, MFA students declare a curriculum Specialization, which will become their area of most intense concentration and focus. The course requirements of each Specialization are constructed so as to provide strong, advanced instruction, while also enabling students to draw from the significant range of expertise available among the faculty in other Specializations and across CalArts. The MFA Program in Music requires two years of residency. Most Specializations have professional-level portfolio and/or recital requirements, except Music Technology, which requires a final project and a thesis. When students complete the requirements of their Specialization, appropriate notations are placed on their official transcripts.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

In addition to CalArts' rich and diverse community and naturally collaborative atmosphere, the Institute provides several programs of study that can be pursued concurrently with a student's chosen metier.

Center for Integrated Media

The Center for Integrated Media concentration is designed specifically for MFA students whose creative use of technology—in particular digital media—goes beyond their primary areas of study.

Center for Integrated Media