Vardan Ovsepian

Vardan Ovsepian

Vardan Ovsepian is an Armenian-born pianist/composer whose studies include Yerevan State Conservatory, Estonian Music Academy, Helsinki Jazz Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music. 

From the early years Vardan was fascinated by the blend of western classical music with jazz, and has been in perpetual search for unique ways of incorporating the hybrid formation in his composing and improvising. Consequently a semi-large chamber ensemble (VOCE) was formed in 2005, focusing on the cinematic approach in the musical narrative.

Throughout the years Vardan has also developed a remarkable angular geometric world, connected to his background in chess, and his attraction to minimalism and modern architecture, resulting in the publication of two books: Mirror Exercises (2011) and Permutation Studies (2020).

Another spotlight is the origination of the “Fractal Limit” duet with Tatiana Parra, which has received an immense international recognition. The project showcases Vardan’s remarkable technical proficiency and capacity to articulate contrapuntal textures.

In addition to VOCE and Fractal Limit, Vardan has collaborated with artists like Mick Goodrick, Peter Erskine, Jerry Bergonzi, Tim Miller, Ben Monder, David Binney, and has released 20+ albums as a leader and co-leader. 

Recent awards include Fractal Limit’s First Prize at the Achava Jazz Award (Erfurt, Germany - 2017), Chamber Music America Grant for New Jazz Works program funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (New York, NY - 2017).

Presently Vardan resides in Los Angeles, and instructs at CalArts.

“Vardan brings his own sound and ingredients... I have never heard any musician quite like him in terms of harmonic awareness and melodic power. I suspect that he will prove to be quite a sensation…" - Peter Erskine

“Having had the chance to play with him, (and to record with him) I can only say that he is 'the real deal, and the whole package.” - Mick Goodrick