Weny Michelstein

Weny Michelstein

Michelstein was born in Jogyakarta, Java, Indonesia from several generations of renowned musicians and dancers. She began her training in Balinese dance as a young girl at the esteemed Warini Dance Academy (Denpasar, Bali). After moving to California, she continued her dance training under her mother, Nanik Wenten. While excelling in Balinese dance, she also began to learn the dance style of the neighboring island of Java. Soon after, she began performing Javanese roles for the CalArts Spring Music Festival as well.

As a consummate professional, Michelstein still continues to grow and train in order to further her artistic endeavors. Every other year, Michelstein returns to Bali, Indonesia in order to train with the masters, learn new dances, and further hone her own teaching style. Throughout her career, Michelstein has toured North and South America, collaborated with innovative artists, mentored countless individuals, and even taught at CalArts.

Michelstein's dance style is firmly rooted in the culture she hails from. Her training as a little girl at The Warini Dance Academy created a foundation for a deep rooted understanding of the fundamentals of Balinese music and dance. Additionally, growing up in Bali further promotes her understanding of how the music and dance is tied to the culture and everyday life of the Balinese people. At the age of eleven, Michelstein re-located to the United States where she eventually completed her academic studies.

Michelstein resides in Santa Clarita, California and remains an active participant in Gamelan Burat Wangi (Fragrant Offering) at California Institute of the Arts. For more than three decades, she has performed at every annual World Music and Dance Festival at California Institute of the Arts, and the Annual World Music and Jazz Festival at UCLA. Michelstein also volunteers her time every Saturday as an instructional assistant with the gamelan and dancers of Burat Wangi.