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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

Make Music at CalArts

We are accepting applications for Fall 2017.

Our Admissions Counselor Kurt Isaacson can help you to find the right program at CalArts to fit your musical vision.


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Why Study at CalArts?

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities flourish at CalArts, where we produce more than 250 concerts of student work per year, including events like Art/Rock/Orchestra.

Art/Rock/Orchestra concert in CalArts' Wild Beast Pavilion, with original music by students and recent alumni.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Whether in music technology, intermedia collaboration, or stylistic invention, CalArts' students push the frontiers of today's music and art.

CalArts Digital Arts Expo 2014

Facilities and Location

Poised on the edge of Los Angeles, the "Entertainment Capital of the World", innovative indie pop and songwriting flourish around CalArts' state-of-the-art recording facilities. Selections from our annual Singer Songwriter Project can be heard below.

Selections from CalArts' 2015 Singer Songwriter Project

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

For music students, collaborative opportunities abound with CalArts' Schools of Film and Video, Theater, and Dance. The experimental animation below features an electronic soundtrack by Daniel Eaton, a music student in CalArts MFA Experimental Sound Practices program.

'Bermuda,' by Calvin Frederick with original music by student Daniel Eaton (MFA Experimental Sound Practices)

Musical Diversity

CalArts offers training in jazz, Classical, Baroque, avant-rock, pop, noise, electronic, experimental, African, North Indian, Balinese, Javanese, Persian, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, and Balkan musics, as well as songwriting, free improvisation and sound installation. Students often form ensembles representing other styles.

'Komagata Maru' (excerpt) by Neelamjit Dhillon

Many Media under One Roof

Our BFA Program in Music Composition offers an Optional Concentration in Composition for Film & Video. Collaborations flourish between filmmakers and musicians at CalArts.

'Birden,' by Jackie Lee with original music by Aidan Gould (BFA Musical Arts)

We Value the Individual

Our programs are challenging, but they are designed by artists for artists and incorporate the flexibility needed to foster unique creative visions.

'Illuminate,' a sound and light installation by James Hurwitz (BFA Music Technology) in CalArts’ new WaveCave gallery

You will find many more examples of student work on this website, as well as information about our programs, facilities, faculty, ensembles, visiting artists and exchange programs. Please see the sidebars at the top of this page.

For Fall 2017 Applications, please contact our Admissions Counselor Kurt Isaacson (kisaacson@calarts.edu, 661.253.7841) or

Request Info.

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