Mone "Medusa" Smith
Faculty, School of Music
Musical Arts/Experimental Pop

THE LEGEND MEDUSA GANGSTA GODDESS /ATRIST/EDUCATOR/ACTRESS In one of the rooms in the hip-hop culture house engraved on the walls” Is a live account of the 1 Super Soul Sista, who has the blessing to be dubbed “the Angela Davis of hip-hop”. Starting off MCing as a 16-... Continue reading »

Luciana Souza
Faculty, School of Music

Grammy winner Luciana Souza is one of Jazz’s leading singers and interpreters. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Ms. Souza’s work transcends traditional boundaries around musical styles. 

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Chris Speed
Faculty, School of Music

Chris Speed is a tenor saxophonist, clarinetist and composer described as "a dazzling player of exquisite restraint, intelligence, and range” by the Chicago Reader. Born in Seattle in 1967 he studied at New England Conservatory in Boston (B.A. 1990) before moving to New York City... Continue reading »

Jonathan Stehney
Faculty, School of Music
Instrumental Arts, Bassoon

JonathanStehneys' expertise ranges from performing Baroque music on period instruments to performing the most challenging contemporary and experimental music. He has traveled widely performing new works for bassoon and contrabassoon. Jonathan has worked with such notable composers as Sofia... Continue reading »

Luke Storm
Faculty, School of Music
InstrumentalArts: Tuba

Luke Storm holds the position of Principal Tuba with the Santa Barbara Symphony and Bakersfield Symphony and has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Baltimore Symphony, North Carolina Symphony, San Diego Symphony, and the International Contemporary Ensemble, among others. He has... Continue reading »

Volker Straebel
Dean, School of Music
Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music

Volker Straebel is a musicologist, composer, and curator. He grew up in Berlin (West), Germany, and received his M.A. in musicology, philosophy, and library studies from the Technical University of Berlin. After a career in music journalism, Volker served as a curatorial advisor to the annual... Continue reading »

Sebastian Suarez-Solis
Faculty, School of Music
DMA Lecturer, Performer-Composer

Sebastian Suarez-Solis (b. 1999) is a sonic and visual artist whose works range from musical compositions to visual pieces, installations, performances, and happenings. A Caracas-born Venezuelan-American artist, their dialectic output is derived from the ablation of established performance... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty