Alex Buck

Alex Buck

Alex Buck is a composer, performer, and improviser from Sao Paulo (BR) who works in many distinct musical genres such as acousmatic music, contemporary jazz, Brazilian music, free improvisation and contemporary classical music. 

His acousmatic compositions have been gaining attention throughout the world. In 2019, his composition Screaming Trees won first prize at Musica Nova, an international competition in Czech Republic. In 2018, his work Fantasia Essata was finalist in two important competitions, Metamorphoses in Belgium and Matera Intermedia in Italy. 

As a composer, he is mainly interested in acousmatic and chamber music. Lately, he has been pursuing a kind of music that combines jazz improvisation and electroacoustic composition sonorities. As a performer, Alex has been considered one of the most innovative drummers of Brazil. Buck has collaborated with some of the most relevant artists in the Brazilian-jazz scene such as Dominguinhos, Arismar do Espirito Sanot, Hamilton de Holanda, Chico Pinheiro, Mestrinho, Michael Pipoquinha, Wilson das Neves, Filo Machado, Sandro Haick and many others. 

He is a member of acclaimed experimental jazz trio Trio Ciclow with Bruno Migotto (bass), and Edison Sant’anna (piano). He is a former member of Bamboo quintet with Bernardo Ramos (guitar), Bruno Aguilar (bass), Josue Lopez (sax) and Vitor Goncalves (piano). 

Alex is also a dedicated educator. He has taught in important institutions such as the EMESP Tom Jobim (BR), Colegio Oswald de Andrade (BR) and most recently at CalArts, where he is developing a DMA degree in the Performer-Composer program. He received both his bachelor and master’s degrees in electroacoustic composition from UNESP (BR) where he studied with his mentor, composer Flo Menezes.