Steuart Liebig & GE Stinson

Steuart Liebig & GE Stinson

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CalArts Campus

A300 - Performer-Composer Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Steuart Liebig grew up in Los Angeles and started playing jazz in high school. At the age of nineteen he started playing rhythm guitar. He became interested in improvised music and composition and formed the group, Quartetto Stig, with instruments violin, trumpet, drum, and a newly self-developed double bass. With this group, his compositions began to come to life. In 2005, he was the named bassist in the DownBeat poll, and in 2008 he was nominated for the Alpert Awards in the Arts.

G. E. Stinson is an American guitarist and founding member of new age/electronic musical group Shadowfax. Inspired by blues masters such as Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters, He remained with the band for six albums and departed Shadowfax after recording The Odd Get Even (1989), entering the Los Angeles underground music community to refine his 'extended technique' and 'frequency manipulation'. G.E. Stinson’s guitar playing through the years has shape-shifted through blues, rock, fusion/hybrid, extended techniques, and unfettered galactic core energy noise-scapes. Stinson is a definitive voice in the improvisational music scene in Los Angeles.