Jie Ma

Jie Ma

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CalArts Campus

B200 World Music Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Jie Ma will introduce and demonstrate traditional pipa music and culture, as well as modern pipa music. She will also talk about traditional instruments and music education in China. Jie will share her artistic journey: improv, world music, collaborations and current projects

Jie Ma is a Los Angeles-based educator, composer, concert producer, and classically trained musician on the traditional Chinese stringed instruments known as pipa and ruan. She is also the founder of One World Music Concerts, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting world music and musicians to diverse and enrich our communities.

Jie has been performing on traditional instruments both as a soloist as well as with numerous ensembles, including performing symphonic works in the Chinese and Western Classical traditions.  In recent years, she has been experimenting with the fusion of traditional Chinese instrumentation with non-traditional musical forms, blending the classics with the avant-garde, the structured with the impromptu, and the old sound with new techniques. As well as collaborating with musicians from around the world, performed and recorded for numerous film scores, video games, and plays.