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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

Electronic Studios

CalArts has extensive facilities for music synthesis, electronic composition, film/video scoring, digital recording, editing, processing and mixing. These facilities also support work with multimedia and the development of custom software and hardware. Studios provide a wide variety of music, sound, graphics, multimedia, and development software, including custom software written by CalArts faculty, alumni and students. All studios share a high-speed network connection which was recently upgraded in the summer of 2010. All studios are open 24 hours a day during academic sessions.

Dizzy Gillespie Digital Recording Studio

The Dizzy Gillespie Digital Recording Studio (B308) is a suite of rooms that function as a professional recording studio. The control room and live room have both been acoustically treated and tuned for optimal mixing and recording. The DRS is the most active studio in the music school. The majority of music students have recording experience either as an engineer or a performer before they graduate from CalArts. A wide variety of professionally released CDs have been recorded and produced in the DRS over the years.

The equipment in the DRS control room was recently upgraded in the summer of 2009. The DRS provides digital recording, editing, mixing, and processing using a ProTools HD 2 system on a fully loaded Mac Pro using a Digidesign C-24 control surface. Apogee AD-16X and DA-16X converters provide amazing sound quality along with Millennia HV-3D and Grace MP-201 preamps for the front end. The room includes a Genelec 4.1 surround monitoring system using two pairs of Genelec 1032A monitors.

The studio room is acoustically designed and isolated, and includes a Yamaha 7-foot MidiGrand piano, Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer, and Shure professional mics, 24 mixer feeds, a reconfigurable iso booth, and flexible headphone monitoring.

Electronics Studio (B303)

The Electronics Lab (B303) is the main space for Experimental Sound Practices and Music Technology students to work with custom electronics to create new interfaces for musical expression. The lab contains multiple professional electronics workstations complete with electronic components, tools, and a wide variety of test equipment for electronics debugging.

Composition Studio (B304)

The Electro-Acoustic Composition Studio (B304) has facilities for computer-based composition, synthesis, sound design, sequencing, recording, processing, film scoring, and notation. Recently, the studio was acoustically tuned to improve the sound quality of playback and recording in the space. B304 is the primary studio for composition, music technology, and ESP students working with processed and sample-based sound. It also serves as a classroom for various sound design and composition classes.

Digital Integrated Media Classroom (B305)

The Digital Integrated Media Classroom (B305) is the main gathering point for many classes in composition & electronic music. It provides an intimate setting for visiting artists and composers to give demonstrations of their work. There are two iMac computers available for student use. Both computers contain the latest software for audio recording, editing, and mixing, DSP programming, and video editing. In addition to classroom and presentation support the lab contains an original Serge Modular Analog Synthesizer.


Score Making Lab (B309)

The Score Making Lab (B309) provides facilities for music school students who use Finale or Sibelius software for music notation and score making. The room contains two Intel iMac computers, midi keyboards, headphones, a large format Xerox printer, and a binding machine.

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