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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts


Format: 02/09/2016

February 2016

Upcoming Events

Piano Spheres: Vicki Ray at REDCAT

February 23, 2016
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 8:30pm

REDCAT: Piano Spheres co-founder Vicki Ray, presents a program exploring the four elements. The program begins with Luciano Berio's "Encores" (Luftklavier, Erdenklavier, Wasserklavier, Feuerklavier) followed by Pale Fire by Mu-Xuan Lin for piano and electronics (WP), and a new work exploring the "air' element by Dominique Schafer (WP). John Luther Adams' Nunataks  and Toru Takimitsu's Between Tides for piano trio conclude the program. 

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Lori Freedman and Quasar Saxophone Quartet at REDCAT

February 24, 2016
Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 8:30pm

REDCAT: “Freedman is an intensely curious musical animal… who acknowledges no boundaries for what her instrument and her music can do.”—The Globe & Mail (Toronto)

“Quasar are poets as much as virtuosos of their instruments.”—La Presse (Montreal)

Boasting five of North America’s most adventurous exponents of new music for woodwinds, this double bill unites, for the first time, livewire clarinet soloist Lori Freedman with Quasar’s stellar quartet of saxophone virtuosos —Marie-Chantal Leclair, Mathieu Leclair, André Leroux and Jean-Marc Bouchard. Freedman opens both sets with works from her touring solo program by Richard Barrett and Raphaël Cendo—and teams up with Quasar for her own composition, No Man’s Clan (1996/2015). Quasar plays a work by Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay before a rousing finale with Freedman, performing Bouchard’s Le Cri des oiseaux fous (2012) and Fred Frith’s The Big Picture(2012), with a special guest appearance by the composer himself, on guitar.


Richard Barrett: Interference (2000)                                                   

                            for contrabass clarinet

Lori Freedman: No Man’s Clan (1996, rev. 2015)                           

                           for saxophone quartet and bass clarinet      

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: Les pâleurs de la lune (2014)                         

                           for saxophone quartet and live electronics


Raphaël Cendo: Décombres (2011)

                          for contrabass clarinet and live electronics

Jean-Marc Bouchard: Le Cri des oiseaux fous (2012)

                          for saxophone quartet, soloist-improviser and live electronics

I Premier Chant      

              II De l’aube à midi…

             III Jeu d’écho

             IV Les temps individuels ne se croisent jamais.

             V La folie est une pente glissante

             VI Le dernier cri

Fred Frith: Big Picture (2000)                 

                       for saxophone quartet and two improvising soloists

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Callings Out of Context: Tyondai Braxton + Daniel Wohl at REDCAT

February 27, 2016
Saturday, February 27, 2016 - 8:30pm

REDCAT: “The authentic pop artist offers a coincidence of style and subject, that is, he represents mass-produced images and objects by using a style which is also based upon the visual vocabulary of mass production.”  -- Robert Rosenblum, from ‘Pop Art and Non-Pop Art’ [1964]

REDCAT and The Broad present Callings Out of Context

Series: Callings Out of Context

Featuring some of today’s most exciting and transgressive musicians, Callings Out of Context is an aural complement to the Broad collection’s holdings of Pop Art. The series features hybrid-minded contemporary musical artists that engage, point to and tell stories about the modern market they are simultaneously a part of, while opening our ears to new perspectives on genre, repetition and mass production. Each program will pair artists from divergent corners of the marketplace, from the heart of indie-rock to the fringes of hip-hop and electronic music to the experimentalism of the avant-garde. The series title was inspired by the Arthur Russell song Calling Out of Context. Guest Curator is Ted Hearne. 

Tyondai Braxton + Daniel Wohl

Tyondai Braxton and Daniel Wohl, composers, performers and experimental electronic musicians, create immersive works that draw from a variety of sound sources. Both artists explore the purposes and possibilities of pop production by subjecting those sounds and practices to the unique rigor demanded from classical composition.

Formerly the front man of experimental-rock favorite Battles, Braxton creates works of mind-blowing scope, ranging from intimate solo pieces to large-scale symphonic works, incorporating electronic and modern orchestral elements. His critically acclaimed album Central Market has been performed by orchestras around the world including the London Sinfonietta and the LA Phil, and his new multimedia installation HIVE recently premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and was released on Nonesuch Records. Fresh from a duo collaboration with Philip Glass, Braxton brings this ecstatic solo show to Callings Out of Context, exploiting the edges of our ability to perceive the nuances of pop music production and pushing through the chasm of digital music to rediscover the human.

Wohl thrives on the forefront of the electro-acoustic, conjuring “boldly surreal aural experiences” (The New York Times), that ask the most of our timbral memory. Intensely rhythmic and elegiac in bursts, Wohl's latest albumHolographic (New Amsterdam Records) ambitiously strives to close the gap between his classical background and the ever-evolving electronic music scene. In a premiere performance, the entirety of Holographic will be played live by a band of eight musicians with a live video artist. Tickets are $20 and will be available beginning Thursday, Dec. 17 at 1 p.m.

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