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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

World Music

Degree Programs:  BFA
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The Herb Alpert School of Music places a high priority on providing professional training that gives its students the abilities and means to become effective practitioners in diverse musical styles—to become culturally informed, artistically versatile citizens of an expansive musical world. Students in the World Music Program closely study music and dance practices from a variety of musical cultures, while simultaneously acquiring solid grounding in music theory, musicianship skills, and music history and literature. This unique course of study allows students to acquire high-level performance skills in both solo and ensemble situations; facility with both notated and oral methods of learning music; and awareness of the cultural, theoretical and social aspects of multiple musical traditions.

As its primary areas of focus, the World Music Program offers formal studies in African music and dance, Balinese and Javanese music and dance, and North Indian music. The curriculum can be further augmented with work in Persian and Latin percussion, Japanese shakuhachi, and Balkan music. In addition, the School of Music offers a variety of courses on music cultures from around the globe, as well as special performances and workshops with visiting artists from many different countries. In recent years, the school has hosted visiting artists from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Tibet, Tuva, Japan, China, Indonesia, India and Korea. Students and faculty frequently play side-by-side, rehearsing, learning and performing together at venues both on- and off-campus. This rigorous, hands-on BFA program makes it possible for graduates to move on to more concentrated studies at the master's level, or to pursue professional creative work in any number of broad cultural and stylistic integrations.

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