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The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts


Name, Title Area
Faculty, African Music and Dance
Nicholas England Chair in Music
Performance: Guitar
Faculty, Voice Arts
Co-Coordinator, VoiceArts Program
Mel Powell Chair in Music
Faculty, Javanese Music & Dance
Coordinator: Brass Program
Technical Director, Computer Music/Experimental Media Studios
Chair: World Music Performance Programs
Senior Advisor for Creativity Transfer
Lecturer, Music Cultures
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Performance: Cello
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Lecturer, VoiceArts
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management; Director, Instrumental Performance Programs
Faculty, Composition
Performance, VoiceArts, Soprano
Performance: Guitar & Lute
Jazz Studies: Trumpet
Performance: Violin
Performance, World Percussion
Faculty, Composition, Improvisation, Winds
Performance: French Horn
Performance, African Music & Dance
Performance: Contrabass
Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design (MTIID)
Lecturer, Skills
Jazz Studies: Trombone
Coordinator, Percussion Program
Jazz Studies: Electric Bass
Associate Dean for Research and Development in Digital Arts, Office of the President
North Indian Music
Performance: Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Larry Levine Chair in Contemporary Music; Jazz Studies: Guitar
Michel Colombier Performer-Composer Chair; Co-Chair, Composition Program; Composition & Experimental Sound Practices
Jazz Studies: Drumset
Roy E. Disney Family Chair in Musical Composition
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Lecturer, Skills, Theory, & Music History and Literature
Performance: Harpsichord, Piano & Organ
Faculty, Music Technology
Hal Blaine Chair in Musical Performance
Performance, Balinese Music & Dance
Performance: Trombone
Jazz Studies: Saxophone
Jazz Studies: Bass
Lecturer, Music History & Literature
Composition and Experimental Sound Practices
Performance: Persian Percussion
Performance: Clarinet
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Coordinator, Piano/Keyboard & Collaborative Keyboard Programs
Experimental Sound Practices, Composition, Integrated Media, History and Literature
Faculty, The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts
Chair, Jazz Program
Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music
Performance, Flute
Lecturer, Performer-Composer
Faculty, The Herb Alpert School of Music
Performance: Guitar
Performance: Vocal Coach & Accompanist
Lecturer, Skills
Performance: Euphonium & Tuba
Composition & Experimental Sound Practices
Performance: Piano
Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design (MTIID)
Performance, Oboe
Music History & Literature, Skills
Faculty, Music Technology
Performance: Javanese Music & Dance
Associate Dean for Academic and Special Projects
Performance: Balinese Music & Dance
Performance: Balinese Music & Dance
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